The non-profit, Reading Partners, believes that reading is fundamental to a child’s academic success and their future. Their mission is to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to offer individualized instruction with significant results. The organization partners with under-resourced and low-income schools in hopes of bridging the immense educational gap that children growing up in poverty have to face. Reading Partners focuses on students who are at least one month behind in reading to give individualized instruction to help them master the reading fundamentals they need to reach grade level requirements. Committed community volunteers are trained to work one-on-one with these students to deliver a simple and proven successful curriculum each week to help the students improve their reading skills.

The organization systematically collects, analyzes, and uses data from annual student assessments, quality monitoring activities, researching the effectiveness of pilot initiatives and contracting for independent studies to improve their programs. Students reading skills are assessed three times during the year and formally surveyed by their teachers twice a year to track each student’s progress. Volunteer tutors write observational notes after each tutoring session and the Reading Partners site staff reviews the notes and uses the information to provide additional instructional support and guidance for the tutors throughout the year. Structured but easy-to-use curriculum provides targeted instruction and the practice of introductory literacy skills to help students gain the skills needed to become independent and successful readers. The non-profit’s one-on-one tutoring model provides each student with a caring coach to deliver support and success while working at the students’ pace and level. Through the Reading Partners program, students who have struggled in many subjects are now empowered to become proud and confident readers excited about learning.


The Ruthie’s crew nominated Reading Partners of North Texas for the Ruthie’s Snacks of Kindness (RSK) for the month of February because of the crew’s interest in throwing a book drive at Klyde Warren Park. The non-profit encourages students to build their own libraries at home by offering them gently used donated books from book drives and donations through their Take Reading Home program. The crew Reading Partners selected as the RSK recipient not only because of their Take Home Reading program but also because of their deep focus on educational equality through engaging communities to support students through trusted and proven literacy solutions. Ruthie’s held the book drive in front of the food tuck at Klyde Warren Park during the month of February and highlighted the organization on our website, social media, and food trucks. Grilled cheese sandwiches filled with cheesy encouragement were delivered to the AmeriCorps member of Reading Partners who are critical to the success of the organization. Some of the Ruthie’s crew also volunteered for Reading Partners as part of the Team Tutor Day at Kramer Elementary School in Dallas. External Relations Manager of Reading Partners North Texas, Amber Martin, mentioned how grateful she was for the help Ruthie’s contributed to the non-profit, “Thank you again for the grilled cheese and your willingness to help children learn to read. You all help our children make up critical sessions needed to achieve success of getting back on grade level reading.”

Ruthie’s is thankful for the impact Reading Partners is making to improve literacy outcomes for each student and the community. The organization cannot thrive without the support of the community. Volunteering to become a reading partners is a fun and effective way to change a life through mentorship. Visit the Reading Partners of North Texas website for more information.

Grilled cheese sandwiches delivered to the AmeriCorps members of Reading Partners North Texas February 2019.

Grilled cheese sandwiches delivered to the AmeriCorps members of Reading Partners North Texas February 2019.