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Resource Center is a trusted leader that supports and empowers all people affected by HIV by providing transformative education and advocacy, improving health and wellness, and strengthening families and communities. The organization began in 1983, as the Foundation for Human Understanding, with a focus on education and service, and a goal of achieving equality, recognition and equal rights for the gay and lesbian community in north Texas. Through health and medical services, the Center is a frontrunner in HIV/AIDS education, prevention and services, and provides a full spectrum of STD prevention education, screenings and treatments. The Center provides behavior health and counseling services for youth, adults and seniors and their families, in a safe and healing environment. Their community programs provide vital services for men, women, youth, seniors and transgender individuals. With more than 1,200 volunteers and over 50 paid staff, the nonprofit is one of the largest centers of its kind in the United States.

Keller Fields is an Executive Administrative Assistant for Resource Center and started working there because Keller believed in the mission of the agency. “The Center is a catalyst for change in the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy, health, and community.” Keller conveys, “It’s easy to feel proud working here when you see the lives impacted by the work our staff and volunteers put in each day to make Dallas a safer and more inclusive space for everyone.” The Center assist more than 60,000 people each year through its programs and services. The nonprofit’s services are all essential to the LGBTQ community, but Keller mentions that their services and their accessibility are the most important parts of the organization. “We don’t hide who we are, and we work hard at Resource Center to make sure that when you stop in, you can get the services you need. Resource Center provides a continuum of care for persons living with HIV and the LGBTQ community, from youth to seniors.”

Resource Center was chosen to be one of the Ruthie’s Snacks of Kindness (RSK) recipients not only because of their incredible work but also the personal connection some of the Ruthie’s employees has with the LGBTQ community. The center was highlighted on our food trucks for the month of September to educate our customers about the nonprofit’s thoughtful work, in addition to, informing the community how they can support the organization. Ruthie’s went to spread some cheesy cheer with our gourmet grilled cheeses to the wonderful staff September 10th at the Community Center. The Resource Center team is bursting with compassionate and loving energy that is extremely contagious. They have a few different campuses all over Dallas so Keller says, “there is rarely a chance we get to all come together to enjoy one another’s company - and there aren’t too many things that bring people together like delicious food (and Ruthie’s is delicious!)” They also express how, “kindness has a sort of domino effect – once it hits you, it must keep going until it hits the next person, and I am already looking forward to the next time I can pay it forward to make someone’s day a little brighter... and it all started with a grilled cheese.”

Thank you, Resource Center for providing help, love and acceptance to the LGBTQ individuals and to the people affected by HIV/AIDS. You can offer support by donating or volunteering through their website,

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