So Easy!!!!! Ben and Dave came and were awesome! Everyone was raving about the food! The truck aesthetics are so cool and looked great in the driveway. Loved the experience! Would definitely recommend and do it again. Thank you! 

- Shelley Power

"Y'all were awesome. The girls absolutely loved it, sandwiches were amazing, and y'all were so easy to work with! Thank you for coming out on such short notice!"

-Nadine Kakish, Delta Gamma VP Membership

"Everyone loved it. The sandwiches were delicious and the food truck was a huge success. It was perfect for the day after the wedding brunch. I would do it again!"

-Stephanie Pinkston 

"Ruthie's not only has the best grilled cheese but their customer service is excellent too.  We have had them come out several times and we never leave hungry but only wanting more.  Their tomato basil soup is also delicious!"

-Stacia Garvin CBRE

"Having your food truck at our sons wedding was a big hit with the guests. They loved the sandwiches and the novel idea of a food truck. Everyone I spoke with before the event were extremely friendly and helpful. We felt the price point was very reasonable also."

-Robin Manson 

"We had one of Ruthie's food trucks at our house tonight for a Sunday School class party. Bobby was one of the workers on the truck and was so polite and helpful to all the "seniors" at our party. He was friendly, had a great smile for everyone, and we all appreciated his attitude. Besides all that, the grilled cheese sandwiches were cooked to perfection and were more than delicious!

Thank you to the owners of the Ruthie's Rolling Cafe food trucks! Congratulations for having the best sandwiches ever AND the best employees ever!"

-Janie and Jerry Gilmore


"Ruthie's rolled into our office's parking lot today for lunch, and being a big fan of grilled cheese, it was an easy choice. 
Stepping up to the truck, I perused the menu and, in a typical move for me, started contemplating off menu possibilities. The Extra Cheesy Classic looked fantastic, but where's the beef? Also, all that cheese is screaming for bacon and a little spice. After asking if I should expect a structural failure (no, he said), I ordered an Extra Cheesy Classic with brisket, bacon and jalapenos. Oh, yeah.  Digging in back inside the office, the bread was nicely brown and crisp, and the ooey, gooey cheese was plentiful. The brisket, as promised by the staff, was in the "pulled" format with a little bit of sauce for binding, but it was far from being runny or sloppy. Bacon was crisp and smokey, and the jalapenos were just what the sandwich needed for a little kick. Overall, it was a very nice meal, albeit a little on the spendy side. But I'd prefer quality over thrift, so it was a win."

-Brad N. 


"A huge thank you to everyone at Ruthie's Food Trucks for supporting Reading Partners during the month of February 2014. It was such a pleasure getting to know you and your friendly staff, and our staff still can't get enough of your tomato basil soup shooters! We appreciate everything you've done to help us spread the word about the need for volunteers in our public school system. Thank you for all that you're doing to help hundreds of low-income Dallas children master the reading skills they need to succeed!"

-Kelly Bush -Reading Partners


" I just have to shout three extra loud cheers for Ruthie's Food Trucks and let you know how much all of us at Community Partners of Dallas have LOVED partnering as this month’s Ruthie’s Dozen charity partner! Not only is this the best excuse ever to eat a ton of delicious grilled cheese goodness (it’s helping the children after all!), y’all have made every single moment fun! We’re so grateful for the exposure through your social media efforts and on the truck, and for the generous financial support! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do to make our community stronger and for blessing Dallas County’s abused and neglected children! CPD LOVES Ruthie's!"

-Joanna Clark-Community Partners Dallas


"Ruthie’s Food Trucks – thank you so much!!   We at C. C. Young are so grateful and humbled by your generosity.  With your help, C. C. Young residents in need received food, shelter, medicine and skilled nursing care.  These are residents that have outlived all of their assets and income.  In addition, their families are not in a financial position to help them.  These are residents that have worked hard all of their lives but find they are truly in need of help during this stage of their life.   Thank you again as you have enriched their lives and ours."

-Sharon Ballew, C. C. Young, Director of Fundraising


"Ruthie’s Food Trucks is our very favorite food truck in town!  Not only do they make the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the world, but they also have the most amazing service and staff!  They are very charity-focused, and give back to our community every day.  Dallas is incredibly blessed to have such a treasure."

-Team Michael


Your team was great today!  I received several compliments from the Realtors about how professional and organized they were.  The sandwiches were hot and ready right on time – not to mention delicious as always.  Thank you!

 -Elaine Ford - Hillwood Communities